Get in the race without getting off your couch. Be first to the line.

First to the Line Bike Racing Card Game, or First to the Line, is what you get when you combine two incredibly talented artists with a bike racer who has too much time on his hands. FTL is a great way to experience the thrill of bike racing without donning $100s in lycra and jumping on a $3000+ bike. The game follows the flow of a bike race by allowing you to play tactics like "Turn the screws" on the peloton to reel back a break before it moves "Out of sight, out of mind," "Attack" a few KMs before the line, or just use the old "Sticky bottle" trick to bring a crashed rider back up to the main bunch. Play FTL when it's too cold to race, when you're on the team bus during a transfer, or while you're watching DVR replays of the summer's biggest races. See pictures of First to the Line here.