About First to the Line

First to the Line Bike Racing Card Game, or First to the Line, is what you get when you combine two incredibly talented artists with a bike racer who has too much time on his hands.

FTL is a great way to experience the thrill of bike racing without donning $100s in lycra and jumping on a $3000+ bike. The game follows the flow of a bike race by allowing you to play tactics like “Turn the screws” on the peloton to reel back a break before it moves “Out of sight, out of mind,” “Attack” a few KMs before the line, or just use the old “Sticky bottle” trick to bring a crashed rider back up to the main bunch.

Play FTL when it’s too cold to race, when you’re on the team bus during a transfer, or while you’re watching DVR replays of the summer’s biggest races.

See pictures of First to the Line here.