How to play FTL

Standard rules are included with each deck, but for some, a single race with 2 to 5 players just isn’t enough. Here are some other options.

Standard rules.

Directeur Sportif, for those that yearn for more customization.

Race the races that we’re all watching on tv anyway.

Stage racing rules and scoresheet.

The big one – for up to 9 players.

Quick play (coming soon).

Kermesse, aka Airplane rules.

Have a look at a video showing FTL gameplay.

Clarifications for general gameplay

  • Attack cards cannot be played on riders labeled “Sprinter.” Counters and epic pulls can.
  • If you’re running out of cards in the draw pile, shuffle the discard pile and put it at the bottom of the draw pile.
  • “Hold that Wheel” only applies if the impacted rider’s group still exists. For example, a rider in a breakaway with a one minute gap is not protected by “Hold that Wheel” if the breakaway is brought back by “Turn the Screws.”
  • Keep an eye on this space for more clarifications as they come up.